Adoption Day!

907 Days end today!

God is good!

Getting ready for the BIG day

Getting ready for the BIG day

In just a little over 5 hours, our 2 and a half year (907 day) wait will be over and we will officially be a family!  And yes for those who have lived in Alaska, the # of days actually does add up to our area code!  Pretty awesome I say 😉

Lulu has been telling EVERYONE about her ‘adoption day’, although she does not understand what that entails, she just knows that she will be celebrating with friends and CAKE!
We  spent the day yesterday, preparing for the BIG event.  Each of the girls had their nails painted, I ironed our kuspuks and wrote out her ‘adoption sign’…trying to keep busy as I could not focus on much else.  It is hard to believe that today marks the end of our wait-The receiving of God’s promise and the beginning of our life together as a family (just us, no OCS).  It has yet to fully set it.

My prayer this morning is that God would be greatly glorified today.  His mercies are great and His will (and timing, yes even His timing) is perfect.
Part of me feels like I should build a pillar of rocks to commemorate this day (you know, as in Biblical times when they would build a pillar of stones at a place where God did a great thing, so as to not forget and to remind their children of God’s greatness?).  Truly, I do not want to forget the goodness of this day-The day that all my tears and frustrations over the past 2 and a half years look pitiful next to God’s promise being fulfilled.
I pray that as life continues to throw stumbling blocks in our path, that we can look back on THIS day and be faithful, knowing that God delivers!

Thank you ALL who have interceded on our behalf.  May you see the fruits of your faithfulness and be encouraged in knowing that God hears and He delivers!!!


One thought on “Adoption Day!

  1. carmen says:

    Big tears. Happy tears. Hands and heart raised to our great God, Jehovah. Thank you most gracious Father for hearing our prayers and answering them. God is good…all the time …God is good.

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