Finally Family

Words cannot describe the emotional release I felt this morning as I poured my first cup of coffee saying to myself, “We are family” (no worry of losing her any more).  Ahh…Seriously? Release.
Since words can do no justice to the magnitude of my gratefulness or the fullness of my heart, I will simply have to share in pictures my heart on our adoption hearing day ❤

For 907 days I've shared their Love and their Home...As of today, I also share their last name! Jeremiah 29:11

For 907 days I’ve shared their Love and their Home…As of today, I also share their last name!
Jeremiah 29:11

Daddy gettin' some love at the hearing!

Daddy gettin’ some love at the hearing!

And...We're family!

And…We’re family!

Officially Family!

Officially Family!  (Olivia was crying because Ron and I cried…soft-hearted girl)!

Our Family

Our Family

Sisters modeling their new

Sisters modeling their new “Sisters” necklaces


Adoption Day!

907 Days end today!

God is good!

Getting ready for the BIG day

Getting ready for the BIG day

In just a little over 5 hours, our 2 and a half year (907 day) wait will be over and we will officially be a family!  And yes for those who have lived in Alaska, the # of days actually does add up to our area code!  Pretty awesome I say 😉

Lulu has been telling EVERYONE about her ‘adoption day’, although she does not understand what that entails, she just knows that she will be celebrating with friends and CAKE!
We  spent the day yesterday, preparing for the BIG event.  Each of the girls had their nails painted, I ironed our kuspuks and wrote out her ‘adoption sign’…trying to keep busy as I could not focus on much else.  It is hard to believe that today marks the end of our wait-The receiving of God’s promise and the beginning of our life together as a family (just us, no OCS).  It has yet to fully set it.

My prayer this morning is that God would be greatly glorified today.  His mercies are great and His will (and timing, yes even His timing) is perfect.
Part of me feels like I should build a pillar of rocks to commemorate this day (you know, as in Biblical times when they would build a pillar of stones at a place where God did a great thing, so as to not forget and to remind their children of God’s greatness?).  Truly, I do not want to forget the goodness of this day-The day that all my tears and frustrations over the past 2 and a half years look pitiful next to God’s promise being fulfilled.
I pray that as life continues to throw stumbling blocks in our path, that we can look back on THIS day and be faithful, knowing that God delivers!

Thank you ALL who have interceded on our behalf.  May you see the fruits of your faithfulness and be encouraged in knowing that God hears and He delivers!!!

Counting down the days…

My Blessings!

My Blessings!

I have delayed this post for a couple of reasons…First, the news felt completely surreal- leaving me absolutely unable to write, with no way of articulating my feelings in a manner that would give due justice to the magnitude of what I was trying to say.
Second, I have been told that anything can still happen…nothing is ‘final’ until the Judge records it.
However, all of the people who have been a part of this journey…those I know, and those I’ve never met (but prayerfully will one day) who have been in prayer, petitioning over our little one; YOU have been on my mind and you need to know the good works that God has been doing in response to your prayers!

All that said…we have an adoption hearing date set!  September 25th, 2015 will forever mark the day that our family, officially became a family!
That day will mark the end of our daughter’s 907 days in ‘foster care’ and the beginning of our new life together (just us-no OCS, no checking in, no asking for permissions to travel, no higher authority outside of God’s).  (BIG breath out), oh I cannot wait!!!

I reread Psalm 10 last night as a reminder of the fight that God has fought for our little one (and for us).  This is the same chapter that I held open in my hand throughout the entire termination of parental rights hearing.  That day, this chapter spoke to me (almost audibly), with comfort and reassurance as the text leapt from the pages while Lulu’s fate was being determined.
It ends with this promise…

“…Lord, You have heard the desire of the humble;
You will prepare their heart;
You will cause Your ear to hear,
To do justice to the fatherless and the oppressed,
That the man of the earth may oppress no more.”

And God delivered (greatly)!

Right now we are thoroughly enjoying the planning of Lulu’s adoption celebration and in doing so, I find myself humbled as the numbers of those able to celebrate with us are quickly nearing 50!
So many hearts have cried out, carrying us when we could no longer utter a word and God heard each prayer and in each utterance on her behalf you became a part of her story.  I pray that one day I will be able to thank you in person for interceding on our behalf.  God bless you!!!

So for now we are counting down the days, anxiously awaiting the 25th and paying no mind to the ‘what if’s’.  God has brought us all this far.  HIS will, will be done.

I am SO looking forward to posting photos (that include Lulu’s full face and actual name) of the adoption hearing…closing out this chapter and welcoming in the new one!!!