1 Year Already

One year ago today, our lives were forever changed by sweet, little 10-week old baby Lulu…calming our fears of ‘what could be’ and showing me how easy it is to love, to mother, a child from another.

Lulu arrived the day after Easter and it still tugs at my heart today when I see photos of our two girls dressed in their best, in celebration of our risen Lord, (knowing Lulu was waiting for us to make memories with her too).

Well THIS year is not going to be like the last!
Currently hanging in my bathroom are THREE beautiful, (matching, but each unique) boutique dresses for ALL of our girls to wear this year as we celebrate together, the hope of a future (in oh so many ways)!  And although we still do not know whether or not Lulu will remain in our home forever, or return to live with her Mom, there is no question that she will hold a piece of our hearts and remain in our prayers for a lifetime.  And I’ve learned…(okay, I am learning), that it is simply not my business to worry of what tomorrow brings, no matter what is at stake.  The battle is HIS!  One day at a time.  That is all that is asked of us.  One day at a time and I am okay with that.

The Lord brought us through today and He’ll bring us through tomorrow! 
Note: If I wasn’t raised a Baptist, I would wave my hands in the air and shout that one out, but alas… 😉