Petitioning for Prayer

I KNOW the power of prayer and Lulu (our 13 month old foster daughter), is in need of prayer… Her Permanency planning meeting is scheduled for March 21st and this is where I am asking for prayer.  The meeting will determine whether or not the state will keep the current goal of reunification with her birth Mom, or change it to adoptionI am praying that they change it to adoption as behavior has not changed.  I am worried however that despite the lack of progress, OCS will remain determined to put Lulu back with her birth mom and will turn a blind-eye to the obvious, keeping the goal with reunification (ultimately dragging this unstable/unsafe life out for Lulu and placing her in/out of foster care and in harm’s way). I am trying not to be fearful, though it is difficult.  However, throughout this battle I am continually reminded of Exodus 14:14 The LORD will fight for you; you need only to be still each time I find myself consumed with worry.  So I am doing what I can with reporting and documenting and soliciting prayer on Lulu’s behalf that God will intervene and fully protect this little one. If you all could PLEASE keep Lulu in your prayers, asking for God’s protection and will to be done in her life, we would be ever grateful.  We are not all called to adopt but we are called to “…care for orphans and widows in their distress…” James 1:27 Please fight with us for this little one who cannot speak for herself…please lift her up in prayer. May God be glorified in the great things He is going to do through the life and trials of this precious, little one!



If only more people were aware of the little ones right here in our own country who just need someone to show them their worth.
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